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Marakesh messenger bag with Afro-Centric team of DreamBags collection is handmade by MagMile in the USA. Marakesh is a versatile messenger bag serving also as a diaper bag, computer, tablet, business or school bag for those daring to wear non-traditional look. A notebook, tablet or I-Pad will fit in the front pocket or inside the bag. Marakesh messenger/diaper bag is a roomy, lightly padded bag, made of durable polyester and authentic African mudcloth. White and black leather accents add to sophisticated look of this bag with a theme. Center leather loop on the flap is embellished with a miniature African mask. Nickel plated hardware is used for rivets, loop and glider on an adjustable shoulder strap. Marakesh messenger/diaper bag features large front and back pockets, inside zippered pocket, pouch, bottle pouch and key ring holder. Marakesh is an elegant, smart and functional bag for a big schlep. Because mudcloths are handmade by individual artisans in Africa, Marakesh comes in brown or black combinations with various unique designs. You choose the color hue while each design will vary. You may also like too check our Bible covers in authentic or printed mudcloth.

12 x 17 x 3.5