Adult and Kids Reversible Cotton Face Mask with 1" Upper and 1/4"Lower Adjustable Head Bands

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QUICK SHIPMENT in 1-3 days of our two-ply reversible, washable and reusable, comfortable to wear, cotton face masks with 2 adjustable elastic head bands. Two pieces of 1"wide elastic braids are attached for the skull top from one end of the mask to another and joined with a flat plastic glide. One long 1/4"elastic braid is attached for the back neck and adjustable with a cord lock. This design completely eliminates pressure behind the ears from prolonged wear while providing a tight, yet comfortable fit for all day. Made from two assorted pieces of high count, tightly woven fabrics, masks can be reversed. Masks combine one fashion print and one solid color. Custom requests for colors are not guaranteed but welcome. Choose from X-Large, Large, Medium or Small sizes. Prints and colors are assorted and vary every day.

HAND WASH in hot soapy water before first and after every use, rinse in cold water, air flat dry, steam iron if desired. We suggest to purchase two masks so as to always have a clean one. Due to health concerns, no returns of masks are accepted. Refunds are not authorized for customers' choosing wrong sizes or print/colors dislikes, washing machine caused damages or not understanding product description and "expecting" something else. Fabrics in the pictures do not represent all prints and colors. Products are made daily from assorted fabrics.