Adult and Kids Cotton Two-Ply, Pleated Face Mask with Pocket

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QUICK SHIPMENT in 1-3 days of our washable, reusable face masks from assorted printed or solid color cottons. Ear loops are adjustable with cord locks to ease tension behind ears from prolonged wear. The masks are double layered with pleats on both sides expanding over the face. A smart inner pocket allows for additional protection. You can insert a tissue or a paper towel cut out or a non-woven fabric in the pocket and change it as often as desired. Check our offer for non-woven insert sheets.

The face masks are offered in five sizes:  X-Large 9 x 7; Large 8 x 5 (expands to 8 x 8); Medium 7 x 4.5 (expands to 7 x 8); Small 7 x 3.5 (expands to 7 x 6.5), X-Small 5 x 3.

You order sizes and quantities, we pick prints and colors as we produce. Either way, you brighten your day with colors. Fabrics are assorted and vary every day; we will, however, try to accommodate specific color requests but cannot guarantee.

DIRECTIONS: Hand wash in hot soapy water before first and after every use, rinse in cold water, flat air dry and steam iron if desired. Pull elastic loops on each side of the mask, open the pleats until you create a bowl like shape from the fabric, place on your face, adjust the ear loops with cord locks. The bowl shape of the mask should hold to provide space for comfortable breathing and talking. Cord locks can be easily removed, if desired. We use high count tightly woven cottons which will soften after a few washes but will keep the structure.

Due to health concerns, no returns of masks are accepted. Refunds are not authorized for customers' choosing wrong sizes or print/colors dislikes,damages by washing machines, etc. 


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