About Us

We believe in uniqueness and high quality, in American made goods, American talent and American craftsmanship. Our dream is to create products customers will cherish and enjoy. We don’t look around to copy. We strive for beautifully made, thoughtfully designed, eye-catching, unique and stunning products.

     We combine style, elegance, originality, fun, first quality materials, functionality, attitude, boldness, balance and manufacturing know-how to arrive to a variety of shapes, feels and looks. Our design style echoes our interests in fine arts, architecture, travels, science, history, fashion, etc.


     We apply manufacturing quality system to all of our products, purchase high quality materials and pay attention to customers' service. We also offer contract manufacturing services, including private label, OEM and sample development on individual basis. More details in FAQ section. Our experience dates to mid-1990s when we started manufacturing for Motorola, Samsonite, Abbot Laboratories, Dauphin, Red Wing Shoe, U.S. Department of Defense, Nieman Marcus, and many others.

We have selected four charities, Dreams for Kids, Alliance to Save Energy, Reading is Fundamental and NORD for 5% donation of our sales.

E-mail your suggestions or questions to: magmile@magmilebrand.com.