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Afro-Centric themed Abri handbag of DreamBags collection is handmade by MagMile in the USA. Semi-oval, square look of Abri underlines playful design of the authentic African mudcloth. Four round buckles for shoulder straps, made of natural cotton webbing, and one buckle in the center, made of bone tortoise bring an interesting contrast to the overall mud cloth design. Tear shape leather loops are enforced with rivets. Abri is lined by strong polyester with zippered pocket, key ring holder and an open slot pouch. Because each piece of mud cloth is handcrafted by African artisans, each Abri handbag outer-shell is unique in color hues and design. You can choose color hue, brown with black or black with white, though. Abri can be accessorized with MagMile leather jewelry and wallets made of matching Horween leather. A tablet or I-Pad snugly fits into Abri purse.

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